The Cunningham Siblings Story

Now and thenI came to find Sibs Raising Sibs after hours and months of Google searches trying to find something, anything or anyone who was in my situation. I knew I wasn’t the first one to ever take on the responsibility of raising siblings. I just had to find the right keywords. A big thank you to Isabel for reaching out to me after I commented on a Facebook post, it made my day. She asked me to write about us so here’s our story. Continue reading


Dating A Sibling Raising Siblings

I am Isabel’s Boyfriend, David. We started dating just before all of this began. Sometimes the person you’re dating will lose a loved one. Sometimes the person you’re dating will become a parent(/guardian) and have their priorities change. Sometimes the person you’re dating will get a new, demanding job. Sometimes, all three happen within a few months.

 Left to right: Sam (Charlie boyfriend), Charlie, Izzy, David (Izzy’s boyfriend)
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