The Cunningham Siblings Story

Now and thenI came to find Sibs Raising Sibs after hours and months of Google searches trying to find something, anything or anyone who was in my situation. I knew I wasn’t the first one to ever take on the responsibility of raising siblings. I just had to find the right keywords. A big thank you to Isabel for reaching out to me after I commented on a Facebook post, it made my day. She asked me to write about us so here’s our story. Continue reading

But what’s in it for me?

This is a question that has risen in conversation between Isabel and I many times over the last year. And this question, more often than not, comes from a place of feeling overwhelmed by the intensity that life brings during your twenty-somethings being entangled with the complexity of being responsible for two humans that aren’t even your offspring. Poppy and Jasper are our younger SIBLINGS, but as we all know by now, our family dynamic is no longer quite that simple. And raising teenagers is really hard.

It sucks to be a teenager and teenagers can just really suck. They both can be sassy, there’s always something that one of them needs and negotiation is a magical thing that arrives in the teenage brain that I believe was invented to test the sanity of parents.

So, what’s in it for me? The answer is quite simple: absolutely fucking nothing, TANGIBLE that is…pcj ski Continue reading