Charlie’s Applying to Universities Close To The Twins

Charlie is a super star. She had an aha moment and is suddenly excelling at school in a way I never thought would happen. She has found her passion in art and has jumped in full force. Now after a few years at the local community college, she’s ready to transfer- but with the twins she needs to look close to home.

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Coffee, Coffee, iCoffee

 Seriously- Coffee is my life force. It is my nourishment, my sanity, and what makes it all happen. This morning as I’m running out the door, keys in my hand, I turn back inside realizing I forgot to brew the coffee pot but there’s no time… each pot takes forever- I’ll have to stop at a coffee shop. Poppy to the rescue. She already has a coffee filled thermos ready for me in her hand. She knows me so well. You don’t want me on the 405 without my first fix. Continue reading