Hello World

Things have been busy. Super busy and now that March has rolled around I am finally calming down a little. Even though its been mind boggling busy its been really good over all. I mean nothings perfect but the things that weren’t perfect helped me figure out a lot of things that I didn’t understand before. So I guess things have been very good- the good and the not so good included.

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Brother Raising Sibs on HOUSE

Love the TV show HOUSE. It’s great and last night I was re-watching House: Whac-A-Mole (Season 3 Episode 8) on Netflix and the patient was an older brother raising his kid siblings. The brother decides to give up the kids after choosing to stay sick to be guilt free about giving the kids to social services. The doctors are aware of what he’s doing and I love they tell him to wrap up the episode.

house whac a mole

You’ll take them back. They’ll be a burden and a pain and your life will never be what it was supposed to be but you’ll be proud of yourself. Your parents- they’ll be proud of you.

-Dr. Eric Foreman

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