Dating A Sibling Raising Siblings

I am Isabel’s Boyfriend, David. We started dating just before all of this began. Sometimes the person you’re dating will lose a loved one. Sometimes the person you’re dating will become a parent(/guardian) and have their priorities change. Sometimes the person you’re dating will get a new, demanding job. Sometimes, all three happen within a few months.

 Left to right: Sam (Charlie boyfriend), Charlie, Izzy, David (Izzy’s boyfriend)
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My Inspiration- Tina Fey

This Tina Fey Amex advertisement has been on my fridge since it first came out in 2007- that’s 5 apartments over the last 8 years. Through film school, internships, that gap after college when I waited tables and worked as a bartender, and all my film jobs since. I always knew I wanted to work in comedy, and Tina is the epitome of what that looks like. A successful, hard working woman who is raising kids, producing/ writing shows, and is funny as hell.  When things start to feel hard or unfair I look at what my ultimate life looks like and remember that doing it all is messy.american-express-card-tina-fey-print-326897-adeevee

photo by Annie Liebowitz

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