Coffee, Coffee, iCoffee

 Seriously- Coffee is my life force. It is my nourishment, my sanity, and what makes it all happen. This morning as I’m running out the door, keys in my hand, I turn back inside realizing I forgot to brew the coffee pot but there’s no time… each pot takes forever- I’ll have to stop at a coffee shop. Poppy to the rescue. She already has a coffee filled thermos ready for me in her hand. She knows me so well. You don’t want me on the 405 without my first fix. Continue reading


Social Life- Rolling With The Punches

Social life. Hmmm. I’m social and have a life but it’s changed since taking on the twins and that’s okay. I’ve made friends and I’ve lost friends. I came into last summer with a handful of incredibly close friends and walked away with about half of the original and some new ones. So I’m 27 with teens. What’s the big deal? People my age are married with kids in most places in the world but not in my circle. I’m friends with one married couple that are waiting to have kids and the rest are dating or single. Continue reading

My Inspiration- Tina Fey

This Tina Fey Amex advertisement has been on my fridge since it first came out in 2007- that’s 5 apartments over the last 8 years. Through film school, internships, that gap after college when I waited tables and worked as a bartender, and all my film jobs since. I always knew I wanted to work in comedy, and Tina is the epitome of what that looks like. A successful, hard working woman who is raising kids, producing/ writing shows, and is funny as hell.  When things start to feel hard or unfair I look at what my ultimate life looks like and remember that doing it all is messy.american-express-card-tina-fey-print-326897-adeevee

photo by Annie Liebowitz

Continue reading

It’s Okay To Have A Life

When all this started I was so worried about leaving the twins alone. I only had friends come to our place. I wouldn’t go to the to dinner or out to drinks with my friends. I was worried about not being home to make meals. I didn’t go to events for work.  I was suddenly responsible for these two living breathing people.

Friends kept saying they’d be fine but I couldn’t let go at all- non of my friends have teens. Finally, I reached out to some of the moms in the Friday night group and they told me- to my shock- the twins will be alright. Continue reading