Losing Our Dad

“You are the light of the world-

fill my mind with your peace

and my heart with your love.”

We lost our wonderful amazing dad to prostate cancer after an 18 year fight. Our father was a loving single dad, a reliable friend, a creative TV writer/ director and my hero.  He was by no means a perfect man but he was always working on being a better person.  He taught me that love is not just loving all the good in someone and letting that out way their flaws but loving their flaws as well because thats what makes them who they are. I think this really helped me and my siblings be as close as we are.

When the twins were 8 our parents separated. 4 years later our parents finally divorced. My mum packed up and started traveling. My dad had full custody of the kids and his health was starting to go down hill.

Basically, my dads health deteriorated over the last two years in a way that none of us ever thought it would. He has always been so strong. He was supposed to be invincible. He laughed in the face of death… but that changed. Luckily I lived one neighborhood over from my dad and the twins. I started doing groceries, setting up doctors appointments, planning birthday parties. I worked on location at the hospital while my dad did chemo and blood transfusions. Through all of it he never let any of us know how sick he was or how hard the medicine was for him.

On June 2, 2014- by 7pm we were putting my dad in the ambulance from our home to go to the hospital. We thought he was going to be okay but he wasn’t. He was on and off life support and finally passed away July 12, 2014.

While driving the kids to the hospital to see my dad before he passed, the twins asked me what would happen to them.  They wanted to be with me. I promised them I would do everything in my power to make that happen. They told me that if they could only have one person with them on a desert island they would want me- I would help them survive and I’m reliable. My heart broke. That day I called my lawyer and set up an appointment to meet with her for the first time.


One thought on “Losing Our Dad

  1. Hi,
    Your life some how gave me encouragement to live a fruitful life,to realize God’s will for me and to do what is right, to share love to humankind who has lost their love one and to support them in need. Although I have never experience of losing someone whom I love… But I could felt how hard and how much load you have to take care right after your dad passing and not having much time to grief for your dad. (I believe you grew more mature thru this process)
    I wanted to say, you are so brave, selfless & so motherly love … It is blessed for your sibling to have you as their sister who will guide them in their life. I pray that you will be bless by God for your deeds.
    God Bless You so much!


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