5 Ways To Keep Track Of The Kids

We are all busy. I work long hours with after work commitments, golf on Sundays, try to find time to maintain friendships, and am incredibly lucky to be dating the kindest man I have ever known. Charlotte is in college with classes spread out sporadically, lots of studying and projects, works nights and weekends at a restaurant, and tries to take a day or two every month to see her long distance boyfriend. The twins are both in school during the week with their different sports, tutors, and church groups after and they both have ample weekend plans and commitments. So how do we all stay up to date on whats happening?

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Hello World

Things have been busy. Super busy and now that March has rolled around I am finally calming down a little. Even though its been mind boggling busy its been really good over all. I mean nothings perfect but the things that weren’t perfect helped me figure out a lot of things that I didn’t understand before. So I guess things have been very good- the good and the not so good included.

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