Staying Constant with Sounds & Smells


Many things have changed but I think paying special attention to these two senses has been a key factor in making our home feel like a place for our family even with the way our world has shifted.

Something I do and I have no idea if its notice but when ever I clean or cook I play my dads favorite songs. My dad used to do this and it makes me think of him and it makes our apartment feel like home.


The same goes with smell- the smell of curry is such a big thing for me and the smell of Crab Tree & Evelyn’s Noel around the holidays. A very special Secret Santa knows this and has sent a beautiful candle the last two years. I really hope she knows how much it means to me and the twins. The twins have never asked for it but it’s consistently been commented on once it arrives and been lit before I get home.



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