Renewing Passports

U9C6QN06UU.jpgIt’s that time again! Time for new passports. But the form does not specify anything for guardians. It can be tricky but this is what worked for us.

  1. Because you are dealing with minors who have either never had a passport or had one issued before they were 16 you will have to go into the post office. Make an appointment to insure the correct person will be there and be available.
  2. Go get your passport photo’s taken. Cost-co or Target’s photo departments should be able to help you and print them right away.
  3. Go to the post office before your appointment and pick up the passport application to fill out ahead of time.
  4. Get together originals and photo copies of birth certificates, deceased parents death certificates, outdated passports, letters of guardianship.
  5. Go to the post office at your appointment time and bring the sibs with you. You all have to be there.
  6. They will check off the paperwork, photos and documents and send them all off for review.
  7. You will need to pay by debit or check.

Note: Give yourself ample time before travel. This system is not designed for guardians. Try to give enough time that if you are denied you can reapply and be reviewed by someone else. It worked for us on the first try. May also be a good idea to check the US Department of State to see if anything has changed.


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