Family Therapy

Bench Park

It should come to no surprise that we need therapy. SO MANY FEELS. It’s been helpful to all of us. 5 reasons I’m happy we’re doing family therapy.

  1. We’re brothers and sisters and guardians and wards and characters and caretakers and growing up and missing our dad and creating new boundaries with our actual mom and lines are blurred and this is a nice environment to figure out what we are to each other in.
  2. It’s okay to cry but it’s also okay to laugh. Its a good place to have the feels and feel okay about talking about it and talking about it even when we don’t necessarily feel okay.
  3. We’ve been able to avoid confrontations in the home by saying, “Let’s talk about it in therapy” which stops would be blowups from erupting.
  4. We’re all learning how the other members of our family feel about things. Some of us are more vocal than others and even the quite ones talk in our family sessions.
  5. We love each other and we want to have strong adult relationships as well as making it through another two years right now.

We’re a lovely mess! So therapy is good. Maybe one day we will just be lovely.


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