To Curfew Or Not To Curfew?

Clock, Twelve Thirty Four

Charlotte and I reached out to some mom’s from Jasper’s group of friends and asked what they did for weekend curfews.

Here’s what we got back:

  1. Curfew is what ever grade they are in 9th grade= 9pm, 10th grade= 10pm, 11th grade= 11pm, 12th grade= midnight.
  2. If the kids not driving than 10:30pm just in case the parent has to pick them up and then once the kids is driving 12 midnight.
  3. No real curfew just a case by case basis. Depends entirely on what the kids are up to and who they are with.

My take on each option:

  1. I personally think the grade idea is wonderful but I think this would have to start at a younger age and grow with the child starting latest in 9th grade.
  2. Setting a curfew off whether the child is driving or not makes sense. I don’t want to have to get out of bed at 12pm at night to go pick them up from a friends house. Latest I’m okay with driving is 11pm- like picked up and home by 11pm. I love my bed and sleeping is a luxury. Obviously curfew or not we have to know exactly where they are and who they are with.
  3. No curfew just case by case is great but for us this just wont work. If we do anything once it starts a “but you did that one time” argument which drives me crazy to a point that I just don’t do it anymore.

Charlotte and I opted for an 11pm weekend curfew for our 16 year olds. Neither of them are driving and once they are in the state of California teens aren’t allowed to drive after 10pm anyway- their curfew will be an hour earlier than it is now.

Let us know what you do with your kids. This is really all over the place. Doesn’t seem to be one best answer over all just a best answer for each individual family.





One thought on “To Curfew Or Not To Curfew?

  1. I recently had to face this problem too. My teenage brother never really went out in NY but now in Bloomington he’s felt more comfortable to go out with friends in the evening. One day he came up to me and told me that his friends wanted to hang out and asked him what his curfew was. Neither of us knew. As of know I have given him 10:30pm. We both feel comfortable with this because he feels it gives him enough time to hang out and it’s not too late for me to start worrying. I am a worrier… I need to work on this!


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