Hello World

Things have been busy. Super busy and now that March has rolled around I am finally calming down a little. Even though its been mind boggling busy its been really good over all. I mean nothings perfect but the things that weren’t perfect helped me figure out a lot of things that I didn’t understand before. So I guess things have been very good- the good and the not so good included.

Updates- youngest to oldest:

Jasper- I have never been so proud. This kid has 5 A’s and 1 B right now. He has never, and I mean never, done this well. Something clicked and light bulb turned on- it turned on bright. He’s also been on a few retreats with his church’s youth group and surrounding himself with a really good group of friends. He’s got a great head on his shoulders.

Poppy- This girl is kicking butt at rowing. Last week she beat my fastest ever rowing machine score and she’s still getting faster. Our dad was on the National Team for England, our great uncle rowed for Oxford University and I think there were people before that but I’m not sure of the specifics and it’s not like I can ask my dad so… I’ll just go with she is carrying on a long standing family tradition and she is doing it while raising the bar.

Charlotte- Charlotte got into every school she applied to for art. She will most likely be transferring from our local community college to my alma mater, Long Beach State, in the spring.

Me- Working for one of the busiest and coolest people in the film industry. Made it through pilot season alive and will be going to Edinburgh Fringe Fest in August. I’ve been on 3 trips over the last 2 months and it’s been great- Santa Fe for my birthday with my boyfriend, Chicago with the twins, and Salvange for a couples get away over Valentine where we stayed on a Lavender Farm.

As a family-  My needs have come in last for a very long time and that’s changing. I realized how angry I was and how I’ve been carrying that with me. I was angry at my dad for leaving us all so young, my mother for not stepping up, and my middle sister for not showing up when dad first passed while I dealt with a funeral and kids court stuff and figuring out all his unfinished business (this last one is on going)- talk about being thrown into adulthood. I don’t have to forgive her and I probably never will but I am making sure I am open to seeing changes in the future. Though I have felt unsupported, I know she is there for the twins. Being open to change is such a wonderful gift. The twins have been so great at making sure the home is clean when I get back from work, Charlotte’s even doing some financial stuff to prep us for taxes, and I’m working on only saying yes to things if it is actually convent for me. I am so grateful for this. We are all understanding that being part of a family isn’t only about what it can do for you but what you are able to give back as well.

I can relax a bit and get back to blogging.


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