Charlie’s Applying to Universities Close To The Twins

Charlie is a super star. She had an aha moment and is suddenly excelling at school in a way I never thought would happen. She has found her passion in art and has jumped in full force. Now after a few years at the local community college, she’s ready to transfer- but with the twins she needs to look close to home.

 Charlie made deans honor roll last semester and has made a full come back with her GPA. Our dad would be so proud and so shocked. As she’s applying to schools she’s being incredibly mindful of the twins by only looking at schools within a one hour drive. Luckily we live in Los Angeles so the options are higher than if we lived in a small town but it’s still been a huge thing for her to give up the idea of going away for school- that fresh start that’s part of the college experience. She hasn’t complained and has walked with grace through the application process but I can’t help but feel it’s not fair and be filled with gratitude all at the same time. If we needed to, really needed to, we could do this without her but it would be very very hard because she is half of what makes raising the twins work for us.

She’s been a great role model for the twins- showing them what hard work in school looks like and how it pays off. I come home to Charlie and Poppy both doing homework and studying together in their room. Charlie’s taking the same math as Jasper and same science as Poppy. Its nice to hear them talk about what their learning and ask each other questions while I’m so far out of school I just don’t remember- thank goodness for google.

Applying for schools is a stressful experience but that’s only the tip of the iceberg for this young lady. Charlie is working full time at a restaurant, taking more than a full load of classes, and raising two teenagers. She is kicking butt and taking names. She makes it work by clearly defining boundaries. She will simply state that she is studying, cleaning, getting ready for work, drawing or filling out applications and can’t do other things in that moment but then clearly explains when she is available to discuss what it is someone else needs. She separates her time mindfully and polity has the family comply. It makes everything doable, allows her to focus, and ultimately she completes everything she needs too.

 I’m so excited for Charlie to start getting into schools and though I wish she could explore more options I know that as long as she follows her passion of art she will be happy and do just fine. She is an excellent role model for the twins and a true team player.


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