Time Off From Work for Sick Kids

 Flu season is starting and hot damn it’s hitting hard. Our family has an endless supply of top ramen. I got the flu shot, Charlie chooses to for go it, and we haven’t gotten around to the twins yet.


Jasper started feeling sick Monday night but he had a project due on Tuesday and I thought it was a case of the exam bug. NOPE. Poor kid begrudgingly went to school and the moment he turned in his project went to the nurses office.

I keep my phone on silent at work. I finally had a moment to look at it and I had two missed calls from the high school and two missed calls from Jasper. Seconds later Jasper tries me again and this time I answer.

“Izzy- I’m really sick,” his voice is weak, “will you please come get me. I turned in my project. I need to go to bed.” I run through all his other options- he assures me there aren’t any. “I’m so sorry Izzy” This really hits the heart strings my brother knows how hard I work and  acknowledges the sacrifice he’s asking. I tell him I need to call him back in five and I’ll figure it out.

I walk to my bosses office. “Jasper’s sick I need to go pick him up from school.” I get an immediate okay. I feel bad. None of the other assistants have kids and none of the other execs have to deal with this but luckily my exec has been so supportive since I started working with him. I call over to administration to have a floater cover for me but there’s no one else around but my co-assistant assures me he can handle flying solo and tells me to take care of my bro. I honestly can’t express the amount of gratitude for the understanding but there is also the sense of guilt for being that girl. That girl with children. That girl who takes a day off to go to social security. That girl who needs to go to a parent teacher conference. That girl that has to answer her cellphone. That girl. No one, not a single one, has given me any reason to think that they see me this way but I can’t help but feel like that girl. One of the guys that helped me get everything set to leave puts his arm around my shoulder as I walk down the hall to go and says, “It’s okay to go- you have to go be a parent. You have kids. I have kids- I get it.” I really needed that.

Then off to get the bro from school. Hate saying this but thank God Jasper was actually super sick. If he’d been faking I’d of been pissed. When we got home I made him ramen, watched an episode of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER and finally he fell asleep. I stayed at home with him til Charlotte got home from school and drove back to the office to get everything done.

Here’s the thing, I’m lucky to work at a company that has been aware of what my life consists of from day one. I am so lucky to have health insurance for me and the kids. I am so lucky to have more than enough vacation, sick and personal days. I try to stay aware of my back piled days because I need to be able to take care of the twins when things come up which they always do. I want to get promoted. I want the company to see how committed I am. Sometimes I see my commitment to the family as a short coming but it really just shows them how I juggle my time and responsibility with work. I am just as responsive and responsible as my co-workers and I have a lot more on my plate than most.


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