Coffee, Coffee, iCoffee

 Seriously- Coffee is my life force. It is my nourishment, my sanity, and what makes it all happen. This morning as I’m running out the door, keys in my hand, I turn back inside realizing I forgot to brew the coffee pot but there’s no time… each pot takes forever- I’ll have to stop at a coffee shop. Poppy to the rescue. She already has a coffee filled thermos ready for me in her hand. She knows me so well. You don’t want me on the 405 without my first fix.

This is just the first of many coffees through out the day but the most important one. There will be another at the office, while I get comfortable at my desk and attack the morning emails. One after lunch to boost me back up. Yet again around 5pm to keep me going to 7:30. If I have plans after work- like today I have my dodgeball game- I’ll pour a final cup as I leave the office.

I love coffee- all of us Frost’s love coffee- but with the coffee shops racking in up to $5 a cup. My wallet can’t handle the stress. If I go to Starbucks with the twins we’re looking at at $15-20 dollar outing and all we did was drive down the street. Not worth it. My dad used to always nag me about “the late factor” a term coined by David Bach.

The math behind the latte factor is pretty solid and makes absolute sense once you think about it.  A latte at Starbucks costs $4.

Let’s say you save that $4 instead and invest it.  40 years down the line, that $4 becomes almost $30 if it grows at 5% annually.  How about growing at a rate of 8% annually for 40 years?  That’s $98.10.  That’s right.  $4 growing at 8% interest turns into $98.10 in 40 years, compounded daily.  Just go ahead and plug those numbers into any compound interest calculator and you will invariably get the same results.  So while you are spending $4 on a latte everyday, you are actually foregoing $98.10 in future income.  Of course you can’t simply just put in $4 here and there into an investment account (as that would cost than your actual investment).  But the point is to think about what that $4 means in the future.

Click to read the full article The Latte Factor Explained by

 It all adds up but I’m on the go. iCoffee found our blog and sent us an amazing gift. We got an iCoffee maker! It’s amazing and it’s better than all the other single serving coffee makers cause it evenly disperses the water onto the beans so the coffee on the bottom gets just as much water as the coffee on top- better bolder flavor. I’m a coffee snob and before kids I would roast my own coffee. The twins enjoy choosing their own roast and flavors we have at home and no Starbucks has the same view as our deck to sit back and take in a cup of joe… on the rare occasion that I’m not running out the door. Plus – NO LINES! I’ve actually found a way to save time and money while getting a better roast.

We’re doing a give away with iCoffee. If you like our facebook page by 9/15/15 you could win your very own iCoffee! So please like away on our sibs raising sibs facebook page


2 thoughts on “Coffee, Coffee, iCoffee

  1. I’m so desperately grateful to have found this blog. I was feeling so incredibly alone, crying and searching through page after page of Google results, telling myself there has GOT to be somebody else walking this path with me, there has GOT to be. And I find your beautiful blog and here I am totally reduced to an Ugly Cry disaster because you express so beautifully what I feel for my wonderful little brother.
    Thank you so much for blogging your journey. Thank you so much. I hope you know by now that you aren’t the only person on earth taking this crazy wonderful journey of sacrifice and love, and I’m going to make sure you know it, because I feel like I am walking right beside you.
    I’m 21, raising my 15 year old brother since this past Mother’s Day. It’s so hard but so worth it to give him the life and love he deserves.


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