My Checklist

thunbs upSometimes I feel like my life is run off of lists- truth is, it is. I didn’t earn the nick name Bizzy Izzy for nothing. Here’s the current list. Sometimes shrinking but ever growing.

  1. Make sure twins over due school books are returned
  2. Twins registered for 10th grade by 8/13 (include confirmation of online registration, updated emergency card, check for school photos, and check for booster club)
  3. Go to bank- find way to wave monthly fees
  4. Sign up for Cobo trip you won!!!
  5. Renew Disneyland pass
  6. Call Time Warner Cable payments- rate went up last month need to negotiate
  7. Call Social Security about benefits not coming through last month
  8. Costco run- kids home from summer trip Thursday
  9. Tidy Apt
  10. Back to school clothes and supplies
  11. Find shoes for friends wedding this weekend
  12. E-mail accountant- thank goodness for accountants and lawyers
  13. Call family in Toronto, London, and Vancouver.
  14. Have a glass of wine- you’ve done it all!
  15. Empty mailbox (this will lead to a whole new checklist)

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