Bravelets Give Away- Give Away has ended

We’re partnering up with Bravelets to do our first give away.

Cancer requires a lot of bravery. The people fighting are brave, the supporters are brave, the survivors are brave and the families and friends left behind by it are brave. Our dad was brave for 18 years before we finally lost him last year and we continue to be brave as we carry on. Bravelets are the perfect daily reminder that you are brave and you can know that for every bravelet purchased $10 is given to the charity you prefer. Us frost kids prefer The American Cancer Society- the bravelets are purple, our dads favorite color.

There are two ways to enter to win, you can do either or both:

Instagram: Upload the picture above to your Instagram. Use #bravelets and #sibsraisingsibs

Facebook: Like our facebook page, by clicking here. Then share one of our stories on your Facebook page.

Two winners will be selected. One from Instagram and the other from Facebook on Tuesday July 21st. You can buy your own on the bravelets website.

Wear your bravelets with pride and remember- be brave.


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