Kids Have Summer Break But I Still Have Work

IMG_3247.JPGWe did it! Freshman year of high school has come and gone. Wasn’t sure if we’d make it but— hey!!!! So it’s summer the kids are out of school and I still have an 11 hour a day job and Charlie’s doing summer school while working. Teenagers can’t be left alone for that long. Heck no! I was there age 11 years ago. I remember the stuff we came up with when no one was looking. Jasper would end up pulling a Johnny Knoxville off the desk and down the cliff while Poppy would- well Poppy would just binge watch Netflix but that Knoxville stuff needs to stay on the TV. So the family stepped in. Charlie and I don’t have family to help during the year in Los Angeles but the best thing ever happened- our aunt invited the twins to visit her in London and our dad’s best friends offered to have the twins join them for the summer when the kids make there way back across the pond.

IMG_3248-0.JPGThis was the perfect plan. Not only do the twins get to go on an amazing adventure with 2 weeks in the UK, 1 week at Disney world, 2 weeks in Boston, and 2 weeks in Martha’s Vineyard but Charlotte and I get some time to ourselves. Charlie and I get to act our age! We still need to get home to our dog Vivian but so not the same as having to be consistently available and responsible for 2 human lives.Having them go have a wonderful fun filled summer out of the house was the best thing that could happen for all of us. I know not everyone has the same support or maybe the support is in town but for us having our family and family friends from far away offer and insist on stepping up and being a part of this whole raising teens thing means a lot.IMG_3249-0.JPGAsk for help when you need it. Accept help when its offered. Be open to help even when you think you’ve got it covered. Charlotte and I were not the only people that stepped up for the twins when our dad passed. We continue to rely on a strong circle of support. Having this break from our new responsibilities has been a welcomed experience. If you have the option to do the same do it!


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