Happy Birthday Daddy-O

Friday was dads birthday. As Charlie likes to say, “We had a big case of the feels.”

When all of this started last summer, someone- I have absolutely no idea who- told us to continue to celebrate dad’s birthday. So we listened and I’m so happy we did. Whoever told us to do this, please take credit. I owe you a high five.IMG_3221.JPGViolet was Dad’s favorite color so I got light purple balloons in the morning to surprise Charlotte. The kids are on vacation in London with family- so they visited the neighborhood dad grew up in for the first time. Char and I took the day off work and went to Disneyland. It was absolutely the best thing we could have done. We spent the day remembering so many trips we took as kids with him. The day was filled with conversations in line, reenacting photos from when we were little, reminiscing about that one time we ditched school with dad and there were no lines so we went on Thunder Mountain like a guzillion times. The feelings kept coming and going and in between we had a blast. Dad would have had a blast.

So to my other  S⇡S out there, next time that dreaded birthday comes up- shift gears and celebrate with your brothers and sisters. The best gift we could ever give our dad was the sound of us laughing together.


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