My Inspiration- Tina Fey

This Tina Fey Amex advertisement has been on my fridge since it first came out in 2007- that’s 5 apartments over the last 8 years. Through film school, internships, that gap after college when I waited tables and worked as a bartender, and all my film jobs since. I always knew I wanted to work in comedy, and Tina is the epitome of what that looks like. A successful, hard working woman who is raising kids, producing/ writing shows, and is funny as hell.  When things start to feel hard or unfair I look at what my ultimate life looks like and remember that doing it all is messy.american-express-card-tina-fey-print-326897-adeevee

photo by Annie Liebowitz

Having such a clear view and understanding of what I want to achieve has made it possible to be open to opportunities even when I didn’t think I was ready. I didn’t work at all the summer of 2014 while my daddy-o was in the hospital. After he died, I was inundated with organizing the funeral, settling debts, closing accounts, and going to court for guardianship of the twins. I had to go back to work but I was thinking about working at a local shop so I could be more available for the kids and the lawyers.

Finally, one day I was on the phone with my dads friend, who has become a huge supporter and friend to me. I asked her about how she works super hard and raises two great boys. She told me and gave me ideas on how to make it work. Then she asked me point blank- “What do you want to do?” People had asked me over the past few weeks- “When are you going back to work?” or “How are you going to support the twins?” but no one, including myself, had asked “What do you want to do?” 

The image of Tina Fey from my fridge flashed in my mind. Without a second thought I said, “I want to find the next Tina Fey, represent her, build her career, and produce her work.”

She had someone I had to meet. She knew the guy that does just that. She set up a meeting. This man and I talked comedy and career paths. He told me how he got where he is now and what I should be doing. He suggested I go back to being an assistant but at a larger company and ultimately have a bigger career rather than being an agent at a small agency. It was obvious how much he loves what he does and I was in awe of what he’s accomplished. I ended up with a job I love through that meeting planned out of curiosity. Asking for help and having a clear vision of what I wanted when someone asked has put me on a path that I am so excited and grateful to be on. Funnily enough, I wouldn’t have this job if it wasn’t for the fact that I’m raising the twins, getting advice from working moms and have this warn out picture on my fridge.

Stay true to your dreams, take on challenges and remember you can do it. Try to find an image of what your dream life looks like, put it on your fridge, and work towards it every single day no matter what life throws at you.


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