Grain Of Salt & A Ton Of Laughter

I walked into this thinking we had to follow all the rules. Twins can’t be left alone, no outings on school nights, grades come first, college-college-college, every penny needs to be accounted for- I was so worried about what I should be doing and what other people thought that I really felt the magnifying glass leaning over me like an ant on the sidewalk being charred to death. SCREW IT. This whole s⇡s thing can be a blast- its never easy but let your hair loose!IMG_2809.JPG

I’m being literal about letting your hair lose- Poppy got highlights. This was the first step. Though not fiscally the best idea we had a girls day and she looked great. Suddenly I’m leaving work early to go to Poppy’s school performance. I realize she loves comedy as much as I do. I took her and her friend with another parent to see ASSSSCAT at UCB. It was profoundly inappropriate but it was fun. I realized while Poppy laughed and I felt uncomfortable that as much as I don’t want to think about her knowing about sex- SHE’S IN HIGH SCHOOL. So we laughed at it. IMG_2810.JPG

Next thing you know me and the twins, along with another family are at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery for a movie screening of Animal House. We all flipped the bird in the photo booth- it was Jasper’s idea. I just went with it.  the whole thing was so hipster and s0 fun! I’m ecstatically happy to bring my West-Side sibs to Hollywood. Now, when I have a +1 to a comedy show the twins have to race to their phones hoping to be the first to text me back claiming it. “You snooze you lose” in this house. Poppy even offered to empty the dishwasher for Jasper for a full month to go to one after Jasper responded first. We all love to laugh in this family. Who cares it was a school night- as long as homework is done… WHY NOT?

Since I’ve relaxed- were still doing everything we did before but more. I let Jasper leave the crew team and he’s started on the football team. This was a hard one for Char and me. Our dad insisted that he would never let Jasper play tackle football. He was admit. We wanted to abide his wishes but truth be told I think Jasper doing a sport through his school will be good for him. He struggles with his grades and its a great support system for that. We don’t have to do it our dad’s way. He’s not here to tell us not to.

The magnifying glass will always be there as long as I’m a sibling raising my younger siblings but the thing is it’s going to be there whether I worry about it or not. I am going to be the same responsible person either way but I’ll enjoy the next three years a hell of a lot more if I take all the advice and pressure with a grade of salt.

Here’s to all the fun exciting times that come from being with siblings day and night.


One thought on “Grain Of Salt & A Ton Of Laughter

  1. Isabel, as usual you made me laugh and cry this morning when I read this post. But your FB post, well that one kicked me in the a$$ (as I know it was supposed to). Thanks for the reminder, and the pep talk.


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