Middle Child Raising Sibs

IMG_3093.JPGI’m Charlotte, I’m 23 and I’m the middle sister in the Frost Family Tribe. The most important thing I have come to realize and want to share with other middle children whom are making changes in their lives in order to raise their siblings is that it is time to cleanse your self of middle child syndrome.

My life prior to my dads passing was that of a typical middle child. Many studies have articulated qualities of middle children, and I have found that I fit almost ALL of them! I misbehaved in my teens, and had a great time doing so, but I now see it was typically for attention. I was shaped into a very free spirited and go with the flow kind of girl. I pride myself on my creativity and often played the peacemaker. I have always been very close with my siblings, but was less inclined to take part in family events unless I was told to attend. And in school and some other areas in life I did just enough work to get by.

IMG_3092.JPGToday, I still hold onto some of these qualities and find them helpful, but there are some that I have taken initiative to drastically change, and I am reaping the benefits. I think Ill keep my creativity and ability to be a peacemaker. I also like being a free spirited and a go with the flow bundle of fun, but even that has needed to be tamed. I now schedule time for going out and having fun. Seriously… I schedule play dates for myself, along with the laundry list of things I do around the house, work and school.

Once again schedules were not my thing, but now I live by them. And before I was trapped in the mindset that I couldn’t be as successful as my older sister, Isabel, that I barely tried in school. Where as now, it is my number one priority, after the kids of course, and I have never earned better grades in my life and I actually feel that I am a positive example for the kids. And most importantly, the issue of not being present for family events is the most upsetting qualities of them all. I am realizing that they are actually my favorite events. Family consists of those friends that are stuck with you, and I’m pretty lucky to have such funny, caring, and supportive siblings. I am no longer solely responsible for myself; I am now responsible in providing guidance and support to help Poppy and Jasper grow up to be respectable, self-loving, and successful adults so there is no room for the selfish nature of the “typically middle child.”

By Charlotte Frost. Charlotte is our middle sister, art student, working her way through college and loves dogs.


One thought on “Middle Child Raising Sibs

  1. Dear, dear Charlotte. This is dazzlingly honest message. Add courage to your list of fine qualities. I know the events of the past year have been difficult (to say the least!), but consider the strength of the metal that emerges from the fire-followed-by-water process. You’re on your way to becoming Excalibur! Seriously. All of you grow in wisdom and grace each day.I am proud to call you friend.


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