I Love You, Goodnight

IMG_3035.JPGEvery night as I walk in to my room, I tell my little brother and sisters I love them. Every night they tell me the same.

We had a spectacular day together. We woke up early. We made breakfast. We went to a play and we met up with the friday night movie group. Some of the twins closest friends and the mums in the group mean the world to me. Those women are miraculous and such a blessing to our family. The best part of the day was the over three hours of driving with the twins between all of our activities. The three of us thrown in my VW Jetta forced to hang out with each other and just chat. There was a two song vetto rule with the radio, lots of car dancing, lots of traffice and lots of talking.

We talked about college, grades, driving (if there is ever a option for lapse in conversation Poppy will change the subject to driving), arguing over what to do for their sweet 16, laughs, what our dad would have said, Jasper’s still growing and he’s already six foot two, AP classes or lack there of next year for 10th grade. Everything really.

Sometimes we get so pulled into our busy schedules that our conversations are limited to todo list but today in my car as we drove down Sunset Blvd to Hollywood and then over to San Pedro in bumper to bumper traffic on the 110, we just chilled. We enjoyed the people that we are and the people we are all becoming as we grow up together.

We’re crazy, weird, irrational, and have a million things happening but every evening we always say, “I love you, goodnight.”

I mean it.

We mean it.


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