Social Security Benefits

Something that has made a huge impact on our ability to support raising the twins has been social security death benefits for minors. Social Security gives a monthly allotment specifically to be used for the twins.

This website is where to start-

I went into my local office, the wait was not fun but I had a book. Finally when I was called to the window I answered some basic questions and supplied the paperwork:

–  dads death certificate, my letters of guardianship, my id, the twins id, proof of address.

We waited for approval and within minutes she told us the amount that we could be receiving. At first the amount was very small because my dad had gotten an extension on his taxes in 2013 but around Christmas the updated tax information went though and we got a big bump in support. There was a lump payment to make up for the previous months and then the monthly checks have since increased.

The thing that is important to remember is there are programs set up by our government to support people in these crazy situations and thank goodness. Social security has had a huge impact on my ability to support the twins.

I have heard of people being too prideful to except handouts but this is not a hand out. My father paid taxes and the twins are using the money he put into social security to pay for groceries, clothing, tutors, dentists, and doctors. I am so grateful that this program is there.


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