From Sisters To Parents

life partnerCharlotte, our 23 year old sister, does not have guardianship but she lives with us and plays a BIG ROLE with the twins- especially with how much I work. It’s a strange dynamic. We argue like married couples heading towards divorce. We no longer talk about guys, the mean professors, or cool happenings of execs  at the office but rather kids homework, how to get the twins a car, managing the business side of our father passing, bills, clearing our dads dept, to be honest- this is the part of my new life that I dislike the most. My middle sister has gone from being my friend to my failing business partner. The kids need both of us but Charlotte and I have handled this new life very differently.

I was resentful for being left to do the heavy lifting of making this work in the beginning. I was resentful for not feeling like we were a team with my dad’s poorly planned estate filled with debts. I know Charlotte resented me. Charlotte and I had enough-

The problem with co-parenting with a sister is that we know each other inside and out. We know how to get under each others skin and all those little things that could skate by in our adult relationship by only seeing each other twice a month and leave saying, “I miss seeing you all the time” suddenly fester up like a scarab in THE MUMMY- crawling under the skin till they eat away at your mind driving you mad.

She was going to move out and I was ready to rejoice.

Poppy & Jasper looked devastated. “I don’t want to live in a broken home.”

We are the two people that they count on and who show up for them- even if we don’t do that for each other. Its about what the twins get from her being at home. I have two kids- and the twins need her… so what is there to do? Nothing- its not about me anymore. The truth is- Charlotte’s not living at home would hurt the twins. She does support the twins. It’s hard- because as much as I feel that the twins and I are closer than ever before, Charlotte and I have never felt farther apart. It’s like being on polar opposite ends of the planet but as much as the magnetism pushes us apart the twins keep us together. I’m proud of what we are doing for The twins but I’m concerned about what this will do to the relationship with the one person I thought I could always count on. But like everything else- we’ll figure it out.


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