It’s Okay To Have A Life

When all this started I was so worried about leaving the twins alone. I only had friends come to our place. I wouldn’t go to the to dinner or out to drinks with my friends. I was worried about not being home to make meals. I didn’t go to events for work.  I was suddenly responsible for these two living breathing people.

Friends kept saying they’d be fine but I couldn’t let go at all- non of my friends have teens. Finally, I reached out to some of the moms in the Friday night group and they told me- to my shock- the twins will be alright.

New year new perspective. On New Years Eve, Charlotte and I did the unthinkable, we left the kids at home for the night and the two of us went out.  I came home at 3am- something that even pre-child Izzy barely did. THE HOUSE DID NOT BURN DOWN. In fact they both had a great night hanging out and watching TV.

Since then we’ve loosened up. I need to do things for work that sometimes bring me home later than dinner. I’ve just make sure that the kids have ready to go food in the fridge. They enjoy the ready  bagged salads, heat up pizza’s, oh and they love Brussels sprouts.

So far so good. The only difference about me getting home later is that the kids make dinner but other than that it’s not like we hang out together on school nights. Even when all of use are home we spread out (as much as we can in our tiny home) to separate areas. They don’t mind and I’m happier- which is better for them.

We all need to keep our lives as normal as possible and being there for the twins does not mean sacrificing my social life or career.


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