Sleepovers Are My New Best Friend

So it’s Saturday and it’s Yom Kippur. While we are not jewish, my boyfriend and Charlotte’s boyfriend are. So while our boys fast today we eat and when they celebrate with a big dinner tonight- we eat more and the boys get to go at it! So it’s gonna be a late night for both Char and I. When we first discover this dilemma, Char and I looked at each other intensely not saying a word as if willing the other to break down and stay home. Then I had the great idea- what about a sleepover?

Keep calm and have a sleepover

Thank goodness for sleepovers. Whoot! Whoot!

We gave the twins two weeks notice and they both ended up finding someone to stay with. My brother needed more assistance so I sent out some texts to his friends parents.  Sleepover are a God send for a free night out without a self-inflicted curfew. I’m so ready have a fun food and wine filled night without having to worry about being home in time for the twins and they get to have fun with their friends too. 🙂 Its a win win.

image from Keep Calm and Posters


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