The Department of Social Services Interview Happened

First off, I was so impressed by my case worker. She was such a nice woman. She went to a college in LA. Graduated in 2007 with a degree in psychology. The recession hit & she couldn’t find a job so used the services. She realized how important the job is and applied for it herself. Now she’s applying to masters programs for Social Services.

We went over my income- unemployment. The kids income- social security death benefits. (They exist. Go claim them, it takes an hour of waiting and a short chat) Our savings- I made this while I was still working.
Proof of citizenship- I was born in Canada but my passport is American. Social Security Card, rent receipt, car deeds, lists of property of value, utilities…. It took about three hours.

I don’t qualify for CalWORKS- my savings is too large other wise we would. I do get CalFRESH- I just barely qualify and it’s about $100 a month for food.

It’s my responsibility to keep my case worker up to date on my changing financial situation. If I receive CalFRESH and my income/assets have increased then I owe and if my income/assets decrease then they owe me.

Hopefully we keep this system going- it’s an incredibly important one that (fingers crossed) I’ll only need to use for a short time.


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