I Love Comedy


I love comedy. It is my absolute fav! Shit, my life is a comedy- romantic comedy (my boyfriend is hilarious and keeps me on my toes), dramady (SibsRaisingSibs- enough said), and sometimes just a comedy of errors, but always a riot. I can’t get enough of sitcoms. I would go to a comedy show every night if I could- before this “life change” I would average about twice a week (UCB, 2nd City, Groundlings- that’s my jam).  I want to rep talented actors and produce sitcoms. I want to do this by assisting the top tier of people that are doing just that. Today at one of my interviews I just really felt alive. We talked about “the funny”. We talked about up-and-comers. We talked about big name established players. It was fun. Plain and simple- FUN.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “Funny is money!”

I was 30 minutes late picking up my brother from crew… but it was worth it. Oh, to the beginning of many late nights and navigating carpools. Let the games begin.


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