Do I Tell People About The Kids In Interviews?

I’ve had a lot of traction this week at some amazing companies. It’s been great! Really great. I’m one of those people that defines themselves by what they do- so I’m in my element going from office to office for interviews. I feel like I’ve got a good groove going and I’m meeting with higher caliber people than I ever have in the past.

 This is how I feel.

So when do I tell potential employers about the kids? I work in the business side of the film industry with long hours and grueling days- but oh man is it fun. I’m going to need to answer texts from the twins about hangouts, carpooling, & where they are, hopefully no emergencies- but I’d need to be available for that. Family comes first but having a successful career is what I’ll have when the twins have packed up and gone to college.

I’ve asked a few people for opinions and all of them say I need to tell the potential employer about the twins before accepting a position… but they all suggest different times.

1. Right up front in the first interview.

2. In the second rounds, so my work outweighs my personal life.

3. Once a position is offered- from a legal standpoint, having the twins can’t be part of the decision process.

Oy vey- it’s all over the board. I’m taking all of this into consideration and I’ll feel it out but there are pluses and minuses to both.

The overall advice is that the place I end up will be understanding of having kids, and if they aren’t then it’s not the place I’m meant to be. I completely agree. I always knew I wanted kids, but I thought I’d be making these sacrifices once I’m established in my career. Not while I’m still building it. I’ll keep you all posted and let you know which tactic of telling them works best.


One thought on “Do I Tell People About The Kids In Interviews?

  1. As an employer and interviewer I would never ask nor expect anyone to offer that information in an interview. Lots of people with kids work – sometimes we have to accommodate for family matters. Does everyone else in the industry offer that information? If the answer is no then I would not offer it either.


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