Old Photos

IMG_2279.JPGCleaning out the closet turned out to be a blast. Char and I have been putting it off for weeks. We set a time for this Saturday two weeks ago. We both tried to talk each other out of it- like what we do with our friends when we have a workout date (don’t try to go to the gym with me). Ultimately we got down to it with the help of the twins and I’m happy we did. We had no idea what to expect.

We found a box of my dad’s treasures. It’s funny how all of the most important things in your life can fit into a box. It was filled with his old rowing trophies, a photo portrait of my grandmother, elementary school class photos, and a box of slides from sets my dad worked on in the late 60’s early 70’s. We’re taking them to get developed. It’s not even a full box of slides but every single one is precious.
Photos have been such a great way for us to reminisce about our dad. We discovered he had a mullet in the 80’s. We found pictures where my parents actually looked liked they cared about each other- it was nice to know they had once been young and in love. Pictures of him pulling us in wagons. The best are of my dad young in his 20’s and in London working on films. It looks like he was in his element.

I like thinking about my dad at my age. Thinking of him makes me happy and sad. But mostly it’s happy. I worry I’ll forget him, but I’ll always have the photos to help me remember. They help us sibs talk about him.


One thought on “Old Photos

  1. I would love to see couple of pictures as well! Your dad was such a warm person and also super fun, I bet he was a bit of a prankster in his 20s 🙂


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