Mom Coffee

Today I joined the mom club as an honorary member. It was a blast!

I’ve mentioned The Friday Night Group before. I love them. They are wonderful and amazing. The moms from the group are a great combinations of older sisters/cousins/aunts/friends. They really take care of us by checking  in and helping organize and thinking of things I wouldn’t think of myself. They consistently remind me that us sibs are not in this alone.

Every step of the way I’ve had support and love… no mushy wet kisses yet- thank goodness.

Side note: When the twins were really little they thought it was the funniest thing to lick their lips and smack a big one on my cheeks. Cute but happy that phase has passed.

I mentioned our search for a new home and the moms are reaching out to people they know to see if they can find anything. The moms also brought up the idea of services available for support. I’m looking into food stamps, CalWORKS, social security, and other government and private support for families like ours. It’s super tight and they had some great ideas for finding aid. If you have any other ideas about programs out there please leave a comment.

It was my first coffee with them and I really hope there are many many many more. Two lovely ladies brought gifts for me- which I was not expecting. One mom brought Harmony Ball charms from Bali for each of us sibs. She hopes they bring us comfort when we think of our dad. They are little reminders that we all have each other and we share an amazing bond. Another mom gave me a coffee tumbler and starbucks card,

“This is yours not for the kids. Every mom needs her own coffee mug. Coffee is key to getting it all done.” I’m on it. I have a full fledge coffee addiction and so happy she is on board. 🙂 oh and brownies.
We all caught up on every ones lives and kids but we spent alot of time on my family.

“I’m really looking forward to when things settle down and don’t talk about my family so much.” I chimed in.

“You’ll have to find us a new drama when that happens.” a mom joked back.

I’m  grateful for our Friday Night Group moms and so happy they are including me and taking care of the four of us. We have been blessed with an amazing community.

Oh and I learnt a lot about menopause.


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