Reverends and Lawyers

I had two wonderful back to back lunches today. One with our reverend and one with my lawyer. Such a funny combination but two great guys.

I’m really working on staying close to our church. My dad was Presbyterian and the twins have been raised Methodist. Having any form of religion through a time like this is so helpful. Faith has brought me so much comfort and strength. I love both the churches and what they have done more than I ever would have thought possible for our family but I’m Presbyterian through and through. I met with my dads favorite reverend, he drives a fast convertible sports car and would take my dad to USC for chemo- kindred spirits if there ever were. He is phenomenal and reminds me that we are part of the community there even though I’ve been a little distant lately. I’m working on staying close to everyone. We need our church and having everyone close requires work on both sides.

I met with my entertainment lawyer to discus a horror script I’m writing with my writing partner. We cleared our pitch and talked about deadlines and notes. It’s a super small low budget company but its cool to see something I’m doing actually getting traction.

“Yes!” in his strong british accent he’s shout every time I did something he was proud of while excitedly pumping his arm in the air. It’s funny but I’ve never written this well and with so much confidence. I think I always tried too hard because I wanted to impress him. With him gone I’m finding my own voice- never would have guessed I’d write a horror.


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