Rowing Has Begun


Rowing has commenced. When our dad was in the hospital the twins asked for two things.

1. they could be with me

2. they could still start rowing in the fall

Today we can check off #2 from that list. This was no easy task. When my father passed away I did the math. Rowing is one expensive sport. It costs about 2 months of rent per kid. Why couldnt our family sport be cross country or soccer? Those are sports you can do with the highschool. But no- our dad was on the national team for England, our great uncle rowed at Oxford and I rowed etc. The coaches at the team have known the twins since they were babies in a stroller cheering me on. Now the rolls can reverse- except I wont be in a stroller 😉

We were so lucky to have so many people asking how they could help. It was incredibly over whelming after just loosing our dad. Amazing but over whelming. We thought a good way to ask people to be involved was to make a contribution to a scholarship fund we set up in my dads honor with the rowing team. It would help the twins row through high school.  We have been so lucky for every penny of support that has made it possible for #2 to get checked off the list.

On sunday night at the parent meeting I really missed my dad. It’s just another one of those moments that he’s missing out on. He would have been so excited for them. The twins are carrying on his legacy and creating a tradition of their own. 3/4 of us kids have been part of this team. It’s pretty darn cool. Thank you to everyone who has made this possible.


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