Go Hokies

Today the twins experienced college football for the first time. One of my favorite ladies runs the Hokie alumni association for West LA. She loves it and told me to bring them along. We went to my favorite pub and ate onion rings and wings while downing soda and cheering on the team. The twins were out of their element for the first 30 minutes or so but they quickly caught on. They actually want to go back and watch another one.

Football is one of those things I didn’t grow up with- my dad was British and my mom is Canadian. I didn’t go to a college with a football team. I hold no allegiance to any team but within the last two years I have really learned to love the game. I’m excited to share this with them. It’s something that is just ours- no previous ties or memories from before.

Plus it was fun cheering for the winning team. VT kicked OSU’s butt. Didn’t think I’d see the day.


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