It’s Official

I’ve got twins!

This morning at court I was granted guardianship of two of the worlds most amazing 14 year olds. They were so happy- not sure if this is because of the final outcome or that they got to miss school but they were happy… WINNING.

Poppy, Jasper, Charlotte, and I waked into the courtroom with our family friend Deann. We were all ready to state our case- Dee was prepped to testify on my behalf. Within 2 minutes of being called up to the Judge, I was made a full, 100% guardian. I can breath again. It’s gonna be okay. All the anxiety and nerves surrounding this outcome washed away.

The moment we walk out of the courthouse Jasper starts asking about a dentist appointment and tells me I need to start buying chicken nuggets and french fries as well as all the healthy things I insist on us having. Poppy is talking about wanting lunch and can we please just eat out this once.

It really hits me- I’m a parent. First official business as guardian- We take a selfie in front of the court house to celebrate.


Next thing you know we are all joking about what its going to be like when the twins start dating. Char and I are pretend arguing about who gets to be the chauffeur- we decided we both will. Besides, we have fun embarrassing them together- their dates are going to love us. Dee never got to share her speech.

My dad would say, “I’m so proud of you big girl.” He’s not here to say it but I know that he is.


3 thoughts on “It’s Official

  1. I stumbled across your blog today and I have to say it is really touching. I could never imagine being in my 20s and raising my siblings. I’m just out of college and couldn’t imagine supporting anyone else besides me. I know your siblings are extremely blessed to have you in there lives in a time no young person should have to go through. I hope you have great success with this blog and in whatever other aspirations that you have in your life. And, hopefully one day you can write a book about your experiences. You are truly one inspiring young lady. I didn’t know you dad or you, but I can tell that he raised his daughter to be full of heart and ambitions. And, he would be extremely proud. Take Care:-)


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